About Us

Nascent Design Inc. was organized in 2006 to develop and bring to market the most promising intellectual property (inventions) of the company founders.  Nascent means "coming into existence."  We are highly motivated by the emergent aspect of developing meaningful, new ideas that actually help people.  This genesis dynamic drives our thinking, our purpose, and our enthusiasm at NDI.    

While our huge, rental industry award-winning Power Shifter® rapid change engine mounting system is our highest profile project to date, there are other very exciting projects in the works here at NDI.  We're developing solutions for automotive fuel efficiency, medical and laboratory equipment, consumer and pet products, and tools.  Other projects include a solar tracker for sustainable energy, and a machine vision solution for robotics.  Check out our Linkedin Profile

Professional Services

We offer specialized technical services business to business and help for inventors including new product design, innovative engineered solutions and product development, rapid prototyping (see photo) drawing creation and 3D solid modeling, patenting, and new product manufacturing-both high and low volume production.  We also rebuild, upgrade, and retrofit machines to give new life to old machinery!

Patents Assigned to Others

Behrens originated intellectual property for previous employers as follows:  Patents one and two are for a special bearing design that allows light thrust loads to be handled by a needle bearing--which normally can sustain only a radial load. 

Patent three is for a hospital patient lifting device that can:
  • lift a fallen, heavy patient from the floor
  • straddle a bed or operating table for patient transport
  • carry ancillary equipment such as monitors, oxygen, etc.
  • include a privacy curtain and call chime
  • weigh the patient being carried, for dosing considerations

Check out our disruptive, plastic baseboard heater cover project! 


The Power Shifter® system, and other exciting intellectual property is available for licensing, allowing manufacturers to realize all the advantages of our products and systems.

Funding meaningful technologies that offer profound benefits for real people is now--and has always been--a sound investment philosophy.  We believe we offer just such an opportunity.

Would you like to be a part of our exciting work here at Nascent Design?  We invite inquiries from prospective investors; click to send us an e-mail

We look forward to hearing from you!

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